The NYNY Fellowship is a two-year program career development and leadership training program. It includes bi-weekly career workshops in which Fellows develop relationships with over 200 highly accomplished Mentor-Coaches and engage with community and business leaders. The three primary components of the curriculum are:

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Build relationships: As a Fellow, you will work with Mentor-Coaches, who are young professionals from diverse industries such as financial services, law, healthcare, media, technology and many more!  The Mentor- Coaches will support your academic and career exploration.   You will also develop lasting relationships with your peers, other emerging leaders who have varied interests and experiences to contribute to the Fellow class.

Develop skills: Throughout the program, you will develop critical skills that you can use in your everyday life and as you seek key internships, full-time jobs and fulfilling careers. You will receive training in areas such as written communication, public speaking, personal finance, relationship management, presentation skills, and interviewing.

Broaden perspective: As a Fellow, you will interact with Russell Simmons, founder of Def Jam, Ray McGuire, Co-Head of Citigroup’s Investment Bank and many other senior-level executives from diverse industries.  They will share their pathways to leadership to inspire and encourage you.  You will also benefit from the experiences and insights of the more than 200 Mentor-Coaches that participate in the workshops.

Map your future: As you are exposed to a wide array of industries and career paths, you will create your life plan and outline your personal and professional goals.  Your Mentor-Coaches will guide and support you through the life planning process – giving you feedback, ideas and encouragement.

Impact your community: As a Fellow, you will work with your peers to develop and execute community-based projects aimed at improving your communities.  The project will enable you to employ the skills that you developed through the Fellowship program and impact your community with the innovative ideas that you develop.

Are you an NYNY fellow?

Are You Committed? Fellows are committed to full participation in the entire NYNY experience, which includes fully participating in bi-weekly Saturday workshops during your sophomore year, engaging with your Mentor-Coaches and other volunteers. NYNY Fellows are committed to their personal and professional development.

Are You Ambitious? NYNY Fellows are highly-motivated, passionate and have a strong desire to be successful.  They are enthusiastic about their futures…even if they are not exactly sure what they want to do as a career.  Fellows are eager to learn about different career paths, people and opportunities.

Are You An Emerging Leader? NYNY Fellows are young leaders on their campuses, in their communities and in their jobs.  Fellows are positively affecting their environments and others around them.